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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Of 3 Birthdays and New Trimester

New trimester just started and things had been a chaos. Marketing Research subject clashes with Language Level 2 and we are not able to register for Marketing Research subject, which was supposed to be offered during my second year but it was not offered at that time and thus, we took another subject in replace of Marketing Research thinking that we can register for it on the same trimester in our third year.

We were confident that we will be able to register this trimester yet the matter of subjects clashing made us register for Language Level 2 but not Marketing Research. We are in the process of appealing for a new session for Marketing Research. Should I not able to register for Marketing Research this semester, I will have to extend one semester just for this subject. Hopefully this matter will be resolved by the end of next week.

Knowing that I won't be able to solve it by thinking about it 24/7, I took time off the matter to celebrate the belated birthdays on 5th Feb at McD Sri Kembangan, where my belated birthday was celebrated last year. It was a happy occasion, with 3 birthdays to be celebrated.

Ken's, 23rd January

Mine, 29th January

Jiun Huei's a.k.a. Robot, 5th February

The birthday boys and girl... the 3 of us were born on the same year!

Thanks to Ping Ting, Su Yi, Sophia, Nicky, sis, and Tharan (not in pic) for this celebration. Love y'all!

The topic for the night revolved around the MUET Band 1 graduation policy in MMU. It's weird how MMU would allow those who got MUET Band 1 (The minimum) to graduate. That means the level of proficiency of English of Band 1 students are really low that they have difficulties understanding the subjects in class. Nevertheless, I'm glad that the Band 3 requirement still applies to my batch. Thus, this ensures that the quality of the students to be maintained.

Thanks all for now. Wish me luck in solving the Marketing Research subject clashing problem.

I'm signing off~

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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!

May you all have a properous and good moo moo year ahead =)

I celebrated Chinese New Year Eve, 25th Jan, at Genting Highlands, the City of Entertainment. This is the fourth year that we celebrated CNY at Genting, thanks to my 8th aunt for booking rooms for us to stay.

Had lunch at the base of the mountain with my aunt's family. While waiting for my aunt to arrive, a man approached me and my siblings and put a chestnut on the table for each of us. My brother and sister were wondering what did the person gave us the chestnuts and would not eat the nuts but me seeing the guy wearing a shirt of a chestnut chain, I just eat the chestnut given.

Apparently, the man sells chestnuts and boy, the nuts were tasty! Lunch were delicious especially the king prawn noodles! We proceed to Genting Highlands with the Genting Skyway of course. Who would want to miss a ride on the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest cable car system?

Genting Skyway

With siblings and cousins

It has been the tradition for us every year to shop for CNY clothes in Genting and this year is no exception. Everyone got to buy something in the end =) I told myself not to buy anything as I bought a few shirts but in the end I bought a pair of short pants after my persuasion from my cousins.

Dinner is different this year as we would not have our reunion dinner at Coffee Terrace like the pass 3 years. Instead, we had our reunion dinner at Happy Valley Restaurant, the Chinese style. A sumptuous meal indeed.

With family members =)

Night activity is lazing in hotel room as we were tired after shopping in the afternoon. My phone was beeping with Chinese New Year messages received and sent that my dad said I was such a busy person :P

There was supposed to be a firecrackers and fireworks presentation sharp at 12am but it was cancelled due to rain and heavy mist. What a disappointment. The day had not been good as it had been raining since evening and the weather is super cold that night!

Thus, we cousins decided to hang out in Starbucks for a cuppa but we still feel cold even though we are sitting indoor as the wind was blowing in through the slits of the entrance doors. As the guys were hungry, supper was at 1901 Hotdog.

Us at 1901 Hotdog

Went downhill on the Chinese New year 1st day and thankfully this year, the weather is not too hot, so it's not so hot to hang out in relatives' homes. It's nice to meet up with my relatives after so long of not seeing them =)

29th Jan 2009, Thu
Will meet up with Sharron, Wan Teang, Kok Keong and Wei Song for house visits at my home. Thanks to the little birthday surprise by Sharron and Wan Teang. They bought a piece Chocolate Indulgence cake from Secret Recipe. So nice of them. Love them =)

Visited KK's and his family members were friendly as they keep asking us to eat the home made biscuits. Sharron's is next and her dad treated us with red wine for the first time. Next up is Wan Teang's. Wan Teang managed to contact Sze Yin while we were at Wan Teang's and we headed to Sze Yin's home in Serdang after that.

Sze Yin's mum was so nice as she prepared fried chicken and fries specially for us. It's great to meet Sze Yin as I last met her when we took our STPM results.

Wei Song, Sze Yin, Sharron, me and Kok Keong at Sze Yin's house

After much persuasion, we finally got to go to Wei Song's house for the first time since we started house visits tradition 3 years ago. Rushed back home as my relatives will be having dinner at my home.

Birthday celebration with family members. I'm older by 1 year!

Me and the cute little cousins

Thanks to the Birthday text messages, Facebook messages and Friendster messages from friends, really appreciate every single of the messages.

Thanks for the Birthday presents received.

Thanks to Lien Ghee for her present from Japan! She sends me presents for my Birthday from Japan and hers will always be the first that I receive.
Make-up from Japan from Lien Ghee

Earrings from sis. Love the butterfly!

From Sharron and Wan Teang. Love it!

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Langkawi Trip

Langkawi, a place where I longed to go for years, is the destination for my trimester break trip with my uni mates.

This trip had some 'firsts' in my life.

First time on a plane.
First time to Langkawi.
First time spending close to thousand overall for a trip! (RM800+ for souvenirs + chocolates + accomodation + flight + food + entertainment) Imagine that.

Day 1: 13th Jan 2009, Tue
Our flight was at 4.10pm but Mr Ken thought our flight is at 2.40pm in the afternoon that he wanted us to meet up at 10am. What a blur guy -.-" Informed him of the correct flight time and we met up at later time to depart to LCCT in bus from KL Sentral. After check in our bags, we browsed stores in LCCT and saw this gigantic lollipop! So large that you might only be able to finish it in a week!

The lollipop!

Wait for the flight to arrive at the lounge. The seatings are on first-come-first-serve basis so we waited there early.

Boarded flight AK 6306 and experienced a turbulence that the plane dropped in altitude, giving you the feeling that you are on a Genting's Spaceshot ride. Reached Langkawi's airport at 5.15pm.

First thing we did when we reached the airport is to rent a car and Ken was given the responsibility to do that and the people at those counters keep luring him that he was confused! Finally we settled for a Avanza which fits us all. Check in to our hotels rooms at Awana Porto Malai, which has scenic seaview.

Our hotel room with swimming pool

Dinner was at a Chinese restaurant near Cenang Beach. Had a wonderful dinner with tasty food, super-nice boss and superior services.

Fried Vege, Sizzling Hot Plate Taufu, Clams, and Sweet and Sour Fish for dinner.

Walked along Cenang Beach and browse some shops after dinner. We are lucky enough to secure an island hopping trip at very cheap price. Played cards and enjoyed the alcoholic chocolate that Kang bought for RM 11 per bar. Everyone slept early on that day to prepare for an exciting second day!

Day 2: 14th Jan 2009, Wed
Breakfast was at the hotel's cafe. We took opportunity of the nice sunrise and took a few pictures outside of the cafe.

Pimp Ken and the girls =)

Done with lunch, we went island hopping! We went with a girl from China that we met while we were booking places for the island-hopping trip. She was such a friendly lady and adventurous! She went to a fews places in Thailand before came here to Malaysia.

The Chinese lady and me

The boatride is so bumpy that our butts are painful at our first island stop, the famous Pulau Dayang Bunting.

The famous Pregnant Maiden Island. Can you see the maiden's figure in this pic?

We visited the Tasik Dayang Bunting, where there's a folklore that people will get pregnant from drinking the water from the lake but nope, non of us got pregnant from drinking water from the lake :P
Second stop is for eagle feeding. There were a lot eagles waiting for the food and they were swift in grasping their food.


Next stop is Beras Basah Island. Nice beach but it was such as waste as the island's resort is abandoned.

Us @ Beras Basah Island. Too bad Kah Giap can't join us in this trip as he was feeling unwell.

Went back to hotel and bathed before we proceed with our next activity. We saw souvenir plates of the island-hopping trip where the pics of Ken and another uni mate (TT) in matching red and intended to get it after we bathed but too bad the plates are recycled to make new souvenirs and pics were disposed.

Bumped into Lit Shiuan after his island-hopping trip

Lunch was at a small decent cafe after we saw their ad in a brochure and the meal there is surprisingly good!

Side dishes of corn soup and vegetables. It tastes nice especially the vegetables!

Makam Mahsuri was our next stop.

Kang loves the cat so much that he included it while taking picture.

Kang loves this cool bird which doesn't move at all when we were there!

Us at the Eagle Square, a must visit place in Langkawi.

Dinner was at Kuah town pasar malam and we bought 80 sticks of satay to go with out Lychee 'drink'. We had a hard time finishing it as we were really full after dinner that we decided those who lose card games will have to eat a few sticks of satay. And we were really bloated by the time we finished all the satay.

Day 3: 15th Jan 2009, Thu
First stop in the morning is Underwater World and Kah Giap can't join us for this outing as he was feeling unwell with rashes all over the body.

Us @ Underwater World

Lunch was at an Italian restaurant near Cenang Beach. We ordered 2 pizzas and we finished it in in no time as it was so nice that we don't even bother to take pictures of it. We ordered an extra pizza as we were still hungry after finishing 2 pizzas.

Next destination is Langkawi Cabel Car station but due to strong wind, the cabel car is not in operation. Browsed the village nearby and we discovered this:

Jalan Dang Wangi of Kuala Lumpur in Langkawi!

We then went to Telaga Tujuh Waterfall which is nearby and the walk leading to the waterfall is not easy.

At the midpoint of the waterfall.

There's 367 steps leading to the top of the hill, and 271 steps leading to the bottom where our car is parked. Kang gave up of going to the top after we stopped at the midpoint with 5 others continued. It was so tiring to climb up and down the hill that you are breathless halfway up or down the hill!

Dinner was at the same restaurant we had our first dinner in Langkawi. This time around, the guys wanted a good meal so we ordered lobster.

Dinner (clockwise from bottom left): Crab, vegetables, sizzling hot plate lobster, taufu

Us and the super friendly boss. He treated us beer!

After dinner, me, Ping Ting, Kang and sis went for a tour around Langkawi as we have abundant petrol and we discovered two luxurious resorts, Tanjung Rhu Resort & Four Season Resort, at Tanjung Rhu. The bellboys will be waiting for you at the entrance of the resort!

Day 4: 16th Jan 2009, Fri
Last day in Langkawi, the last chance for us to go in the cabel car yet the strong wind deters the cabel car to be in operation. Thus, we went to a beach, and unexpectedly, the car stuck in sand. We were struggling to get the tyre of the car out of the sand and it was so hot there! This situation reminds me of The Amazing Race scene where cars of the racers got stuck in sand.
Worried that we miss our flight, Ken and Kang went to a hotel nearby to ask for help, and a tractor came to pull the car out of the sand.

We then rushed to duty free stores to buy chocolates and alcohols, and then to the airport. I bought 3 bars of alcoholic chocolate where each costs me RM11! Total spending on chocolates is RM80. And I bought cute miniature wine bottles which costs me around RM80. What a big spender...
Luckily we managed to check in for the flight as the group after us have difficulties checking as the AirAsia authorities were closing the counters for our flight. Boarded flight AK 6309 at 3.30pm and reached KL after 45 minutes. A 'special' souvenir that Ping Ting put in Ken's luggage broke and lychee flavour was all over his clothes. Very special indeed.
Great trip with great people with such a great experience. Priceless. I'm gonna miss what happened in Langkawi.
I can't wait for another trip with them. They are great travelling partners indeed!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Of Business Law and Trimester 2, 08/09

This is the second-last final exam in MMU before graduating and in this short semester I took 3 subjects but things in final year are not easier even though I am not active in any activities except DJ Club.

Multimedia & Management and Spanish papers down, now left with Business Law paper on 9th. Spanish is great! I have a great time learning it this semester but we find it hard at times to understand what our lecturer, Señor Joel said in Spanish as he talks like a bullet train! Wonder how many years to go before I can speak Spanish as fluent as him.

Having learnt Spanish and French, I found that it is easier to pronounce Spanish words as there is a specific way of pronoucing the words but French is interesting and challenging at the same time as you have to twist your tongue while pronouncing some words. Nevertheless, I love both languages.

Business Law... A subject that I do not really like at the beginning of the semester as the law cases are complicated and I can't seem to get the clear picture of all the cases studied. However, the more I study, the more I like this subject! It's a challenge to understand the case, but that's what keeps me interested in that subject.

This is a motivation from BBL lecturer, Madam Ummu Kalsom for me to do better in this subject. Thanks madam =)

Can't wait for the exam to be over! Langkawi, here I come~!!!

Counting down to 13th Jan...

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 everyone!
It's time for new resolution, new hope and new beginning.
While everyone head down to happening places and parties to countdown to celebrate before the clock strucks 12 midnight, me being lazy and need to study for final exam plus no transport, I chose to have a simple dinner at Nando's in Alamanda with a few uni mates that I'm not so close to, thanks to my sis for asking me tag along.

After dinner, the guys browsed G2000 to buy some clothes and boy, they really can shop! We were there in the shop for almost 1 hour as there was a discount promotion in the shop. This is my first time seeing guys being so fussy about their clothes.

Done with shopping, we went to Old Town for a drink while waiting for the time to struck 12. The guys wanted to play basketball so we went to the court nearby for a quick game (maybe not a quick game afterall). Back to hostel after the game, and have a good night sleep.

Sis, me and the guys.

It's festive season at this time of the year and 2 person are so kind for being a Santa to me. Special thanks to Laura for her maxi dress. Gracias!

Mi ventido (my dress in Spanish)

Thanks to my room mate for the Hershey's chocolates that she got from Langkawi. Can't wait for my own Langkawi trip after the exam.

Hershey's chocolates

That's all for now. Back to studies. Adiós!

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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Congratulations Fafa

Congratulations to Fafa on his wedding!!
Yesterday was Fafa's wedding at UIAM in Gombak. Went there with OCs in a MMU bus. I'm so excited about it as it is the first wedding for OC 08/09 and it was the first time I attend a Malay wedding.
What's better is that we are expecting double happiness this year - we have 2 OC weddings this year, Fafa's and Edry's.
So touched to see 2 people that are bond together by marriage. It's a promise of a lifetime, a promise to be together through thick and thin and share of undying love between two person.
Wish Fafa and ber wife happily ever after. Can't wait for the first OC baby to be born!

The bride and bridegroom with the OCs

On the other note, congratulations to Edry and his wife for your marriage! May you and your wife be happily ever after =) Can't wait for the OC babies from both of you~

Edry (front row, black shirt) and wife with us OCs

It's so wonderful to see people found the love of their life and bond together on this special. I wonder when is mine?

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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas everyone!

Every year, the most attractive thing in the shopping malls during Christmas season is the decoration. And people sure love it, taking tons of pictures with the decoration. The decoration gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, and it never fails to brighten my mood. I love the Christmas decoration of the malls I visited & wanna share it here =)

Mid Valley & Circus

It's the circus ring of Mid Valley!
(Reminds me of Britney: ~All eyes on me in the centre of the ring just like a circus~)

Ikano Power Centre & White Christmas

Traditional white christmas with a house (with chimney for Santa of course!). Love the snow (made of polystyrene) that scattered around.

Bangsar Village (New Wing) & Go Green

Bangsar Village with its go green theme. Look at the tree made of plastic bottles. Wonder how long does it take to create it.

Bangsar Village (Old Wing) & Gingerbread man

Gingerbread men hanging from the top so that they won't ran away *grin*

There is a display of houses made by kids using food! Yummy!

1 Utama (New Wing) & Alice In Wonderland

Blue and yellow lights illuminating the trees!

Cards and garden inspired by Alice In Wonderland.

Countdown to Christmas with the Clock!

Hope you all will be loving the decoration cos I'm loving it! In Christmas mode now~

On the other note, I travelled to Seremban with the SDCians for a Christmas lunch at Alvin's house. Travelled in Din's new Persona. He loves his new car - he did not pushed more than 110kmh at the highway while the others just sped away. It's amazing that his car travelled 440km after he got his car just yesterday!

Special thanks to Alvin for the special treat at his home in Seremban. The lunch is fantastic. Yummy!